Make Your Home Feel Brand New

Small updates to your home can make a big difference. Adding in trendy splashes of color can completely change the “same old, same old” vibe of your home.

We all know how tricky it can be to choose a paint color, so we did the research for you. Here are the on trend color choices and how they’ll impact your mood. By updating your walls, you’ll not only love the new look of your home, but you’ll also give yourself an energy boost!


Sophisticated Blush

If you bought into the Rose Gold trend last year, the “Sophisticated Blush” color is a gorgeous complimentary tone to any of your rose gold decor. A very dusty shade of almost there pink, this is also a great choice for anyone who typically steers away from color in general.

This particular tone of pink can induce a soothing feeling. Dusty pinks mixed with subtle neutrals add glamour to a bedroom. This color will feel sophisticated when paired with brown or beige; try this color combination in a dining room.


Ultra Violet

This color currently wears the “most popular” crown of all colors, as it was named Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year. Pops of purple can add elegance and depth to a room. In ancient times, purple was symbolic of royalty and esteem.

This rich shade of violet promotes depth and thoughtfulness. This color will make you feel luxurious and social. It would be great to add to a library, den or “sitting room” where you and your guests engage in meaningful conversations.


Vibrant, Deep Red

This specific hue of red isn’t alarming or loud, so don’t write it off too quickly. It works beautifully as an accent wall in a kitchen. Pair it with neutral tones for it to make the entire room come to life.

This deep, yet fiery color will help to energize and harmonize a space. It is known to build excitement and stimulate strength and motivation. This color isn’t recommended for bedrooms or rooms where you rest.

serene blue

Serene Blue

The new “man caves” of 2018 are zen dens. Designers are recommending the creation of a “tech-free sanctuary” where you can completely unplug and mentally recharge. This shade of serene blue is perfect for your zen den, in-home yoga studio or master bathroom.

Shades of blue are said to bring down blood pressure and slow respiration and heart rate. This color encourages relaxation. Be aware that deeper shades of blue may evoke sadness, so never use it as the dominant color in your room scheme.

tech green

Tech Green

If you walk into any startup office in Silicon Valley, you’ll probably spot this color on the walls. You can spruce up your office with this trendy color. Depending on your style, you can also use Tech Green in your living room or finished basement.

Energetically, green promotes creativity and generates break-through ideas. This specific shade of green is modern and playful. If you’re into overhauling your home into a Smart House, it won’t be complete without a wall in this color!

Most importantly, remember that the color of your walls isn’t permanent. You can always switch it up, so why not experiment and try something new this spring? Happy Painting!

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