What are fun new ideas for your fall porch? If you want your porch to look more chic than spooky this autumn, here are a few ways to switch it up from the usual carved jack-o-lantern.

It’s time for the scarecrows and haystacks to find their way onto your porch. And of course, we have to add pumpkins, too. We’ve gathered a few new ideas to work pumpkins into your curb appeal this fall.

1. Make pumpkin planters.

1 pumpkin pot
Photo by Austin K. Thompson

This clever trick screams fall without adding too much “Halloween” into the look. Pick out various shades and sizes of pumpkins from your local pumpkin patch. Buy some mums or leafy plants and soil to place in your pumpkin planter.

Cut a circle around the stem of the pumpkin and scoop out the pulp and seeds. (Save the seeds for roasting later). Pour in a bit of soil and place in your fall plant and surround it with remaining soil. Decorate your porch and steps with your festive creations!

2. Pick a pumpkin palette.

2 pumpkin pallette

Channel your inner-artist and choose a paint palette for your porch display. You can go with a fancy feel with white and gold or go bold and bright. Head to your local craft store to buy your paint and brushes. Have a cozy pumpkin painting party complete with hot cider and donuts. Let your pumpkins dry overnight and then arrange them on your porch.

3. A new take on Jack-o-”Lanterns.”

3 pumpkin lantern

If you’re searching for a more refined approach for your fall porch, look no further. Visit the closest Hobby Lobby or Home Goods to find a few lanterns that vary in size. Fill the lantern with dried black beans or candy corn. Finish the decoration with one of these pumpkin candles or add in real pumpkins with some tea lights.

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