Who says you need to splurge on new decor every season? You can make these three fall decor items with materials that you already have at home.

It’s always fun to cozy up your home with some fall decorations. This year, you can get creative by adding some items that you made yourself!

1. “Toilet Paper” Pumpkin

toilet paper pumpkins
Photo by Smart School House

You’ll need a full roll of toilet paper, fall themed/orange fabric squares, cinnamon sticks and silk leaves. Take a fabric square and lay it out flat on a table. Place the toilet paper in the middle of the fabric and begin stuffing the fabric into the whole of the toilet paper. Go fully around and then place the cinnamon sticks into the toilet paper hole to secure the fabric. Place silk leaves by the cinnamon stick “stem” and you’re done!

2. Cinnamon Stick Candle Holder

cinnamon sticks

You’ll need an old mason jar, a bag of cinnamon sticks, a hot glue gun and some twine. Glue the cinnamon sticks vertically onto the jar. When you’ve covered the whole jar, tie the twine around the cinnamon sticks and tie a bow. Add any festive embellishments you wish. Place your candle into the holder and that’s a wrap!

3. “Wine Cork” Pumpkin

wine cork pumpkin
Photo by ThatsWhatCheSaid.com

If you like to save wine corks, this is the perfect fall craft for you. Gather 34 wine corks from your stash. You’ll also need orange paint, hot glue, green scrapbooking paper, green wired ribbon and a paper plate.

Squeeze out some orange paint on the paper plate and dip one end of 33 of the corks in the paint. While the corks are drying, cut some leaves out of your green scrapbook paper.

Once the corks are dry, glue them together to form the pumpkin. Start with a row of 5 corks add on top of it a row of 6 corks, then 7 corks, 6 corks, 5 corks and a final row of 4 corks at the top of the pumpkin. Glue the final cork vertically on the top for the stem.

Curl your green ribbon around a pencil to give it a curly shape. Glue the leaves onto the pumpkin. Add some twine if you have it handy to complete the look!

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