Although the fall season may look a little different this year, there are still many opportunities to enjoy the crisp air and safely explore our beautiful state of Michigan. We’ve gathered some fun ideas that will add adventure and excitement to your plans this autumn. 

Go on a Treasure Hunt.

A local business owner named Johnny Perri from Washington Township, MI, was forced to shut down his jewelry business due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But lucky for us, this allowed Johnny some time to get creative! During this time, he created “Johnny’s Treasure Quest.” He has planted $1M worth of treasures throughout the state of Michigan (yep, even in the UP) to inspire Michigan residents to get out of the house and add wonder into their days. 

The slogan of the quest is “The Treasure Lies in the Adventure,” and for $50, you can join this statewide treasure hunt. Treasures include solid silver bars, silver coins and there’s even a specific treasure hunt that includes diamond wedding rings! 

Learn more at:

Visit an “Enchanted” Forest Trail. 

Another business, Bluewater Technologies, has also found a way to creatively generate business and provide a fun activity for Michigan families. They have used their technologies to create the Glenlore Trails, which turned a forest in Commerce, MI into a mystical, entertaining and interactive lightshow. From areas like “Whispers in the Woods” to the “Enchanted Clearing,” this trail has created a whimsical and safe opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and make a fun memory. 

Learn more at:

Get Through the “COVID Go Away” Maze.

We all know Michiganders tend to have a sense of humor, even during tough times. Johnson’s Giant Pumpkin Farm has created a “COVID Go Away” maze in their 13-acre field. If we can get through the COVID shutdown, we can definitely get through this maze! Located in Saginaw, Michigan, this pumpkin farm also has animal petting farms open and apple cider and doughnuts available for guests to enjoy. This year, extra activities may be limited to keep guests safe. 

Learn more at:

An image of a full moon night

Enjoy the Rare Blue Moon on Halloween. 

Blue moons are uncommon, only rising once every two or three years, but a blue moon on Halloween is very rare. We will have a blue moon this Halloween on October 31st, 2020. The next blue moon on Halloween won’t be until 2039! To celebrate, pick up a gallon of some Blue Moon ice cream to go with your other sweet treats. The flavor of blue moon ice cream is a Midwest favorite! 

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