It’s time to say good-bye to summer barbeques and hello to cozy nights on the couch. You can sip on a PSL while giving your home some TLC. If pumpkins aren’t enough, here are five more fun ways you can add fall feels throughout your house.

Credit: The Purple Hydrangea

Plaid Flannel Blankets

Nothing screams fall quite like plaid flannel. You can buy a few different plaid flannel blankets to create a fall feel in your home almost instantly. They aren’t just great to throw on the living room couch, you can also use the blankets as tablecloths or to decorate your mantel. You can even place a blanket on all of the beds to bring the energy of autumn throughout your house.

Credit: Ideal Home

Yankee Candle “Farmer’s Market” Collection

There’s nothing quite like a slow Sunday at home with the crisp fall air coming through the window. You can keep your home’s vibe cozy with Farmer’s Market candles that feature fresh scents like Golden Chestnut and Ciderhouse. Grab a good book, plop on your couch with a plaid blanket and you’ll be doing fall right.

Pumpkin Waffle Maker

It seems that as soon as September hits, everything becomes pumpkin spice flavored. So why not bring the trend into your breakfast? You can take your “PS game” to the next level by mixing up some pumpkin spice batter and then making pumpkin-shaped waffles!

A “Cozy” Doormat

It’s almost impossible to instantly not feel warm and fuzzy when being greeted by a doormat like the one shown above. Especially if you are selling your house this fall, adding a doormat to the porch will make your potential buyers feel “home” when walking in. 

Patio Heater Lamp

If you aren’t ready to be stuck indoors quite yet, you can get a lot of good use out of an outdoor heater for your patio. These are also useful if you like to sit on your porch while passing out Halloween candy or to bring when tailgating. You can order one up for as low as $135 and use it year after year.

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