April showers bring… baby showers? It turns out that July through October are the most popular birth months in the United States (according to the CDC). Which means that nursery decorating is in full swing within many households. We’ve gathered a few fun ideas that will create a nurturing, supportive space for the new little life in the home.  

If it seems like your mailbox has been flooding with baby shower invites, there’s good reason. It turns out that July through October is the most popular time for babies to come into the world. This means that households all over the country are prepping for a baby to arrive!

Whether you have a new baby coming into the family or you’re heading to a baby shower this weekend, we’ve gathered some fun ideas that you can try or share to create a soothing nursery space.

If you love decorating, you’ll love adding a little Feng Shui to the mix. Feng Shui is an art and science that initially originated in China. The practice uses object placement, color and various elements to harmonize the energy within a space.

Here are a few simple ways to shui a nursery:

1. Be Conscious with Colors.

You don’t have to stick with the basic blues and pinks. It’s great to pair colors that harmonize together, such as soft blues and greens or warm beiges and whites. Try to avoid pairing colors that have heavy contrast, like white and dark grey. You also don’t want to use super bright colors like a vibrant yellow or hot pink.

When picking the colors, take a moment to have awareness around how the colors make you personally feel. Go for the colors that promote a comforting and calming feeling within you.

2. Consider the Impact of Lighting.

You’ll want to have access to different sources of light depending on the time of the day. It’s ideal to put up curtains that have airy, natural fabric. These curtains will filter out really bright sunlight, while still letting in enough glow to keep the room filled with natural light. At night time, turn on one or two lamps to create an ambient, golden glow. You do not want light to be coming down harshly from the ceiling, especially as babies are usually on their backs looking up.

3. Factor in Placement of the Crib.

Many people place the crib so it’s positioned horizontally along the wall. You actually want the baby’s head to be facing the direction of the wall. This creates an energy that feels supported and secure (especially if the wall is solid without windows, closets or doors).

Other things to consider are the materials used in the items within the baby’s room. When possible, use natural materials like cotton, silk and bamboo. Go for wooden furniture and toys over plastic. You can also choose high vibe paint! In fact, Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, chose to use Vegan paint in her royal nursery. The eco-friendly paint was even infused with rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils, which help clear and purify the air.

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