The beauty of living in Michigan is that we get to share our home with many cute critters that call our backyards home. You can make adjustments to your backyard to welcome more wildlife to your space. Try these tips to get your backyard bumpin’ with all kinds of birds, butterflies, bunnies and more! 

1. Make Food Available. 

First, decide who you’d like to call your backyard home. Place specific foods that cater to the diet of the animals and birds you’d like to invite over. Here are some menu ideas based on the critter you’d like to draw in:

Squirrels like berries and nuts. You can also hang corn cobs or scatter corn seed on the ground.

Rabbits love clover, lettuce and of course, carrots! Just make sure to protect the areas of the garden that you’d prefer the rabbits to not have for dinner. 

Deer like to snack on wax myrtle, blackberry and spicebush as well as apples. 

Butterflies and Bees are attracted to native plants that are red, yellow, orange, pink and purple. 

Hummingbirds love these various flower types: Lantana, Foxglove, Cardinal Flower and Trumpet Vines. (Plus, these flowers will make your backyard pop with color!) 

2. Support their shelter needs. 

All animals need shelter. Certain trees support animal shelter, especially evergreens and lower-to-the-ground shrubs. You can place little piles of brush that can create a well-insulated and covered home. Letting an area of grass grow taller will also give rabbits a place they can nest their family. Of course, you can also get bird houses and even bee houses to help support your winged friends. 

3. Supply a water source. 

Birdbaths are an easy way to create a water source in your backyard and it’s likely to be used by deer, squirrels and other animals, too. Place your birdbath under a tree or in an area that feels covered, so the wildlife can feel safe while bathing and hydrating. You can also install a fountain, as animals are more attracted to the sound of running water. If you have a pond in your backyard, strategically place foliage to help the smaller critters get in and out of the water. 

In just three simple steps, you can provide a home that supports nature and gives you and your family a new hobby of wildlife watching!

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