If your deck is needing a new look, but you don’t want to go through the pain of a total overhaul… we’ve got a few looks that can give your deck the little lift it needs.

What’s the secret to getting a deck that looks brand new with very minimal effort? Deck tiles. You can find deck tiles at Home Depot, Wayfair, Lowes and even Target. 

Deck tiles can quickly cover weathered decks, cracked concrete surfaces, porches, or walkways. These interlocking deck tiles snap together for a fast install. You can easily unhook them if you want to remove or clean them. 

Aside from their simple installation, here are a few more benefits to trying out deck tiles.

Deck titles are sleek and easy to clean.

These deck tiles are resistant to heat, moisture, and insects, making them durable and low-maintenance. This driftwood grey color will make your backyard look more modern and cool for the summer.

Deck tiles can add a luxurious look. 

These UV-resistant deck tiles will give your backyard a more luxurious and European look. 

Deck tiles can be made from recycled materials. 

You can choose to help the environment and revamp your porch. Deck titles like these are made from recycled wood and plastic.

Deck tiles are versatile. 

If you don’t have a deck, you can create a courtyard instead with stone deck tiles. The stone tiles still interlock like the others available and are only about 1lb each, making them easy to lift and install. 

Deck tiles don’t require a commitment.

If you want to get funky and add some color to your backyard without the major commitment, try these Caribbean Blue tiles from Lowes. You can also choose yellow, red or green. If you get tired of the color, you can remove the tiles as easily as you installed them.

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