If your summer travel plans have been derailed, you can still create a fun vibe at home. Your staycation may even give you more of a boost than an actual vacation would have. Just think of the positives! No packing. No long car rides. No crazy schedules. 

Making your home worthy of the ultimate summer staycation is all about intention and creativity. The best part? You already have everything you need and all of the ideas we’ve gathered for you won’t cost a single penny! 

1. Take a Break from the To-Dos.

It’s likely you’ve been going hard on organizing the junk drawers and decluttering closets since March. Although part of being a homeowner means having a never ending To-Do list, give yourself a break. Having an ultimate staycation means you’re willing to consciously shift gears to actually enjoy your home rather than constantly work on your home. The pile of mismatched socks and leaky faucet can wait for a rainy day.

2. Prioritize Outdoor Time.

The Michigan summer weather has been flawless so far this year and as Michiganders, we only have a few months to soak up our Vitamin D. Make an effort to leave the Netflix binge behind and get outside whether it’s morning, afternoon or evening. Really, when’s the last time you actually just enjoyed the stars under a summer sky? 

You can set up some fun backyard activities, build a bonfire pit or enjoy the company of nature. Put on your OOO response, leave the tech gadgets inside and enjoy a slower pace under the sun.

3. Create a Summer-Vibe Relaxation Ritual.

It may sound counter-intuitive, but creating a relaxation routine or ritual will message to your body and mind that it’s time to unwind. For instance, a popular age-old relaxation ritual is to drink a glass of warm milk before bed. You can create a similar relaxation ritual that is a bit more fun than milk. Pick a time of day that you will designate for “staycation mode” and then choose your favorite snack, drink or song to enjoy each day at that time. This will help you switch gears away from work and chores, so you can fully get some R&R.

4. Read a Book.

And by book, we mean an actual book made of paper. Reading from the device that you use for social media, pinteresting and communicating is just asking for interruption or distraction. Since you aren’t escaping to an actual place, let the book take you on an imaginative adventure instead. There are likely a lot of books you already have that are dog-eared at page 30. Pick one of those up and settle in for a nice afternoon of reading.

5. Bust Out the Beach Wear + Decor. 

Try switching out your grey sweats with some bright summer colors. If you can’t go to the beach, you can bring the beach to you! At this point of quarantine, we don’t think your neighbors will judge. Hang up some twinkle lights on your patio, light your tiki torches and turn on some summer tunes. You can even make picnic food, lay out some towels and enjoy a low-key dinner outside. 

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