Add value to your property and some trends are just meant to be enjoyed. We’re sharing the top four home trends of 2021 and whether they’ll add value or enjoyment (or both!) to your life.

1. Designated Home Offices.

For all of the obvious reasons, home offices became a top trend in 2020 and will remain one in 2021. A “home office” was a common new request and desire for homebuyers on the market this past year. Now is the perfect time to transform that barely-used guest room into a convenient and chic office space. If you don’t have a room to spare, get creative! Installing desk countertops or work nooks in living rooms or even kitchens is also a great way to jump on this trend. 

Will this add value or enjoyment? As homebuyers are requesting homes with offices, it will absolutely add value in their eyes, should you want to put your home on the market any time soon (which you should as inventory is very low!). As for enjoyment, we’d say yes to that, too! Having a designated and thoughtfully designed work space will help you feel more motivated and focused this winter and beyond.

2. Wood-grain kitchen counters with earthy-toned painted cabinets.

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We’ll be real here, we thought the all-white kitchen trend was bound to stay around for at least another year or so. And although the all-white vibe remains highly desirable and gorgeous, there is some color coming into the picture! While marble and granite are still on trend for countertops, a new material is making its way into the kitchen. Wood-grain countertops create a warmer and homier vibe in the kitchen, while still feeling modern and clean. Painting your cabinets an earthy green, deep red or muted blue is a great way to pull together the entire look for a more vibrant atmosphere. So if you’re looking to add a little color into your cooking, eating and hosting space, this is the trendy way to go!

Will this add value or enjoyment? Today’s homebuyer is typically looking for a turnkey home, so having a kitchen that’s on trend will add value to your home. And as for enjoyment… a colorful kitchen full of warmth and whimsy? We’re here for this trend all day, every day!

3. “Old-World” Design and Decor.

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We’re not sure if this trend is thanks to everyone’s obsession with Bridgerton or what, but “old-world,” moody design and decor is a big upcoming trend. Maybe this past year made us all want to connect to our roots or perhaps escape to a more seemingly enchanted time? But if you’re looking to create a new vibe for your home’s dining room or home library, you may want to consider elegant gold frames, moody oil paintings, deep gemstone hues, touches of velvet and of course, dungeon-esque light fixtures. 

Will this trend add value? Likely not because it’s a matter of design and taste. Will it add enjoyment? Absolutely yes… turn on some classical music and let your inner-debutante or dandy shine!

4. Play Structures with a Twist of Extra.

(photo source RVM Construction

This past year definitely showed us how valuable time spent outside and in nature can be. Many of us also learned how crucial it is to let the little ones in the household use up their impressive amount of energy. A new trend popping up in 2021 is next-level, incredibly extra, yet very impressive play structures. These trends are popping up in South Florida, but likely to catch on across the nation. 

Are these elaborate and envy-inducing play structures a value-add to your property? Our take is… unfortunately, no it won’t. But should you still get one for the sheer amount of fun and joy it is bound to create? YES.

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