When looking at the fresh year ahead, it’s common to set intentions for our careers, families, health and travels. But what about our homes? We’ve put together a quick worksheet to help you identify your best Home Life plan, so you can make the most of your home this year! 

We’ve broken down each part of your Home Life plan below. Download and print this worksheet. Making your plan will take 10 minutes or less (or more if you happen to get really into this). Once your plan is complete, hang it somewhere you’ll see it often… like on the fridge or in your home office. 

1. Set your home’s vibes.

How do you want your home to feel? This is the most important part of your plan. If you aren’t feeling inspired by your home, it will be hard to implement the other areas of your plan. Think about how a home you’re familiar with can feel so different. Compare your parent’s home to your friend’s home to your own home. Now imagine how you’d like someone else to feel when spending time in your home. 

Do you want it to feel zen? Lively? Cozy? Fun? Identify which feelings you’d like to curate in your home. Then think of a few activities or adjustments you can make to create those feelings. Perhaps you find a signature candle that you love to burn to make it cozy. Maybe there’s a Spotify station you like to play to liven your space up. Or maybe there are new accent colors you’d like to add for a touch of fun. Get creative!

2. Identify and Implement Changes.

Change can be exciting and especially after having spent so much time at home this past year, change is also welcome. When it comes to big changes, start with just one. What matters is that you set a realistic goal that you can actually implement versus identify a million and ultimately getting nowhere. When it comes to small changes, try to take on a few. These may be easy-to-implement organizational habits or a quick project you’ve been putting off.

3. Plan Something to Look Forward to.

Last but not least, brainstorm mini-plans for how you’d like to make memories in your home. That’s what our homes are meant for after all! Plan an event you’d like to host for each season. The event can be for yourself, your family or a small number of guests (based on safety suggestions), what matters most is that you’ve carved out time to do something special in your home. Flex your creativity muscles. Maybe it’s a 90s-style DEAR (drop everything and read) day complete with bagels and zero technology. Maybe it’s a Disney movie marathon day or a neighborhood water balloon party planned for the summer. If you set the intention for these fun moments to happen, then surprise, surprise! They are more likely to happen!

We hope you have fun making your best Home Life plans! 

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