You can still make your porch delightful, even if it’s just a little cement stoop! Many of the homes in the Royal Oak and Birmingham areas have smaller porches to work with in terms of curb appeal decor. Here are a few ideas that will spruce up your stoop!

Just because your porch is small, it can still fit plenty of charm to welcome your guests into your home. You may not have enough room to hang out on your porch, but that’s not an excuse to leave it neglected or empty.

1. Paint the door.

Updating the color of your front door can evolve the entire exterior vibe of your house. Don’t be afraid to go with a bold color like red, teal or purple. A statement color on your door will make your home stand out from other houses in your neighborhood and give your home character. The good news? If you don’t like it, you can easily paint it back!

2. Get a unique light fixture.

Head to your local home supply store and pick out a light fixture that will add a pop of “newness” to your stoop. There are so many styles of light fixtures, so go with the one that jumps out at you most. Make sure the finish matches the other hardware featured on your porch from the door handle to any railings you may have.

3. Incorporate window box planters.

If your porch has limited foundational space, you can bring life to the areas around your porch. Attach some window boxes to your lower windows and pick out flowers or succulents for a fresh, spring vibe. This will allow you to add flowers to your home’s exterior look, while keeping plenty of walking room on the actual porch.

4. Decorate the door.

Get creative with the space available on your door. You can add a festive wreath or take your decor game next level and add a trendy address plate. You can get numbers made like the ones shown in the photo on Etsy shops, like this one.

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