Utility bills can creep up quickly during the cold winter months. There are a lot of simple tricks that can help you save energy and money. Best of all, these money-saving solutions will cost little-to-no money to implement. Here are seven easy adjustments that will keep your bill down while still keeping your home warm and cozy.

1. Layer Up

Keep your favorite crew neck or blanket nearby and throw it on when you get a little chilly. Slippers are also a great addition to help you stay comfortable if you have wood or tile floors. But the best place to layer up is actually on your head! Wearing a warm hat makes your brain’s thermostat less inclined to restrict blood flow all the way to your feet, which means you’ll feel warmer even when barefoot. So, invest in a new beanie and keep toasty!

2. Cover the Windows and Exterior Doors

You can purchase window and door covering kits to help eliminate cold drafts and keep in the heat. You can find these kits at Home Depot, Lowe’s or Walmart. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on kits, find a few blankets that are going unused and tape them over exterior doors that aren’t used as often in the winter. 

3. Leave the Oven Door Open

After baking dinner (or cookies), leave the oven door cracked open to take advantage of the heat you already generated. The remaining heat will help keep the kitchen and surrounding rooms warmer for a little while!

4. Insulate Your Electrical Outlets

You would be surprised how much heat can be lost due to small cracks in doors and walls. But if you don’t feel motivated to caulk every nook and cranny in your house, go the simple route by insulating your electrical outlets. Anywhere from 2-5% of all residential heat loss comes from electrical outlets, which over time, can add up! You can purchase outlet sealers for as low as $16.99 to insulate 30 outlets.

5. Weather Strip Windows and Doors

Weather stripping is a great energy-saving tool, especially for older homes. Weather stripping is a flexible product that is usually self-adhesive and used to seal window and door cracks. You can also install door sweeps, which fit into the bottom crack under exterior doors. There are actually many different weatherstripping methods to choose from. If you’re interested in tackling this project, here’s everything you need to know about it, provided by Energy.gov.

6. Insulate Your Attic Door.

Cover up the entrance to your attic with any type of insulation you have handy, from plastic, old blankets, old shirts, weather stripping or even saran wrap. This insulation can help slow, or all together stop, cold drafts from entering the room. Even worse you don’t want your warm air floating away through your roof! Since heat rises, it’s likely getting pulled up right through the attic.

7. Get the Ceiling Fan Going

It may initially seem strange to turn on a fan in an effort to keep your house warm. But if you switch your ceiling fan to spin clockwise, it will help move the warm air from the ceiling back down into your living space. Run your ceiling fan at the lowest level. 

These easy and quick hacks won’t save thousands of dollars, but they will absolutely have an impact on the energy you use and the money you save. Take the weekend to put a few of these in action!

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