Is 2020 your year to hit your home goals? Whether you want to buy your first house, move to your dream home or renovate your current house, I’ve put together some helpful tips so you can make it happen. 

Home Goal #1: Conquer Your Fears Around Real Estate.

Maybe you’ve put off your home goals because the real estate industry seems intimidating and complex. But that’s why I’m here! My job is to handle the tough stuff and make the complicated very simple for you. I’m your greatest confidant in this process, so make sure to leverage your relationship with me. I can turn your real estate fear into pure confidence.

I can even plug you directly into our family of companies, instantly providing you with a HomeSuite that includes the best mortgage, title and insurance service in our state. Together, we handle it all for you. See? Nothing to be afraid of!

Home Goal #2: Empower Yourself Financially to Finally Buy a Home.

Buying a home can seem like an incredibly expensive endeavor. Though many people don’t realize how many options are available to help make homeownership happen. Renting is a transaction, but buying is an investment! 

If finances are the main obstacle for you, then I recommend meeting with a loan officer (our brokerage’s affiliated mortgage company is John Adams Mortgage). There are A LOT of programs designed to help you afford homeownership. Your loan officer can help you learn about options that you likely didn’t know were even available to you. You might be moving into your new home way sooner than you thought!

Home Goal #3: Move Up to Your Dream Home.

I get it. The idea of listing your current house in order to buy your dream house can feel like a huge undertaking. The good news is, people successfully pull off this feat on a daily basis. Interest rates are still affordable. So if you’re ready to take the leap into a new home, now’s the time.

There are even programs that allow you to use your current house’s equity for the down payment on your next home.*

Home Goal #4: Save Money in Unexpected Places.

What if I said you could potentially save hundreds of dollars by making just one phone call? Well, you could! I consider my clients as a part of our real estate family. Just as any great family member would want, I want to help you save money. Even the smallest amount saved can help, especially when homeownership is your goal.

My quickest, easiest solution is this. Check on how much you’re paying for insurance. You may be paying way more than you need to. My brokerage is affiliated with Insurance One, which quotes across seven insurance providers. This means you’ll get the most competitive deal when working with them. Your insurance rep can look at rates from many different industries like auto, home, life and more to help you save. 

Hey, you’ve got nothing to lose so it’s worth checking out! 

Home Goal #5: Renovate Your Current House.

Do you love your current house, but have been dreaming of an updated kitchen? Or how about a new bath complete with a solitaire tub? Maybe just fresh carpeting and paint? Whatever renovation may be on your mind, our family of companies can help. 

We have specific programs built to help you not only renovate, but also refinance.* So you’re not only getting the funds to make your updates, but also taking proactive steps to save on your monthly mortgage payment. 

If I didn’t mention one of your Home Goals in this post, I want to hear it! Call me and share your goal with me. I’d be happy to chat and brainstorm how we can make this happen for you in 2020. 

Connect with a mortgage specialist and/or insurance rep. Learn more about our entire HomeSuite of real estate services.

*Based on programs provided by John Adams Mortgage Company. NMLS#141200

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