A few cleaning hacks a day will keep the dust bunnies away! We know it takes a little extra energy each day, but it will also keep your home feeling extra clean all year long. This post includes a checklist that you can print off and put in the pantry or on the fridge to keep you motivated!

Before you dive into the daily to-dos, here are three reasons why you should try to commit to these daily cleaning tasks. 

You’ll Get Your Weekends Back.

When you do a little bit of cleaning every day, you’ll no longer use up an entire Saturday or Sunday trying to catch up on cleaning the house. Yes, there are a few chores to tackle on the weekend, but they are quick ones! Wouldn’t you much rather be spending the day enjoying the fresh spring air at the park or planting your garden?

You’ll Get Extra Daily Steps In.

If your job requires you to sit for most of the day, moving around the house in the evening will be an excellent addition to your wellness practices. Getting these daily chores in will help you get your daily step count up, too!

You’ll Feel More Organized.

It’s hard to carve out extra time in the day, but taking a half hour to tidy up will help you feel more organized and in control. You can even set the timer on your phone for 30 minutes and get as much done as you can in that timeframe. You will find that you can accomplish a lot in just a little time. Best of all, you’ll feel accomplished afterward, too! 

Now that you’re motivated to get those cleaning products out, here is your Weekly Cleaning Checklist!

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