These fresh wallpaper trends look nothing like Grandma’s house.

We never, ever thought we’d be saying this, but wallpaper is making a comeback. Before you roll your eyes at its resurrection, we have a simple question for you… “Do you want more Rose Gold in your life?” Was that a yes? Well, there’s wallpaper for that and many other fabulous design statements in your home.

Begin researching some style concepts and you’ll quickly find that the new wallpaper trends look nothing like what’s in your grandma’s house. When done right, wallpaper can add depth, illusion and texture to any room. To help you weigh your options on whether wallpaper is right for you, here are a few Dos and Don’ts to consider.



Do: Take the time to carefully choose your wallpaper.

It’s a process to hang wallpaper and it’s not something you can just paint over. There are many options to pick from, so make sure you are totally in love with your selection.

Do: Experiment with it first.

Rather than going big with your first wallpaper project, start small. Instead of covering an entire room, go for an accent wall. Many design trends are using it for panels or to cover one specific area, such as over a fireplace.

Do: Get creative and have fun.

Start with rooms that you can take a little more risk in, such as your kid’s room or a den. Be cautious of going tacky. Approach the wallpaper as if it’s a piece of art in the room. Steer clear of pop culture characters and cartoons. Simply put, always keep it classy and artistic.

Don’t: Hang it up yourself.

Unless you are an experienced DIYer, save yourself the time and frustration and hire a professional to hang the wallpaper. There’s nothing worse than crooked, seamed or bubbled wallpaper. Plus, when it’s done correctly, it won’t be as difficult to remove in the future.

Don’t: Wallpaper textured or angled walls.

Steer clear of wallpaper if you’ve got stucco on your walls or ceiling. Also stay away from wallpapering any angled ceilings. It will feel too busy and as if the pattern is closing in on you. Not a good look or pleasing living situation.

Don’t: Wallpaper your entire house.

Save the wallpaper projects for a few select statement rooms. It’s more than likely that five years from now, you’ll probably have different design tastes. Removing it isn’t the easiest, so you’ll be glad you used it sparingly when it’s time for an update. Plus, if you plan on selling your house, your future real estate agent and buyers will thank you for not going on a wallpaper frenzy!

Source: House Beautiful

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