Tips You’ll Love If You Really
Hate Cleaning

It’s finally time to crack open the windows and let the spring air freshen up your home. But that also means it’s time to clear up the dust bunnies collected during winter and get your clean on. Check out these hacks that will make spring cleaning much easier.

Stomp Out Stains.

After shaking out your rugs, you may notice they’ve acquired new stains over the winter. Rather than getting down on your hands and knees and scrubbing, you can get these nifty Stomp ‘N Go stain lifting pads. Simply put the pad down and stomp the stain right out… no elbow grease required!

Steam Away the Microwave Mess.

People who like to clean probably don’t even like cleaning microwaves. There’s nothing worse than trying to scrape off spaghetti sauce that’s been cooked a million times over. Make the cleaning job easier by filling up a microwave-safe bowl with water, lemon slices and a few tablespoons of cleaning vinegar (which is stronger than white vinegar). Set your microwave for about two minutes or until the door looks steamy. Open the door and wipe everything down.

Get Flawless Walls Again.

Your walls take more beatings than you realize. If you have any scuffs or marks on your walls that aren’t coming off with a rag and soap, try this Magic Eraser. This nifty little sponge will make your walls look fresh and clean without having to repaint anything.

Sit Back and Watch.

If cleaning really isn’t your thing, this last hack is for you. It requires a slight monetary invest, but just think of how much time you’ll save never having to vacuum again! Deploy the Shark Ion Robot Vacuum and control it through an app on your phone. Its smart sensor navigation helps it avoid obstacles around the house, so you can set it on autopilot and go for a nice spring walk outside instead.

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