When you’re wanting to update the room you love the most, it’s hard to figure out where to even begin. Determining “the feel” or the theme of the room will help you find some clarity. To give you a head start, we’ve come up with three unique themes that are easy and fun to execute.

1. Modern Bohemian

If you’re after a sophisticated hippie vibe, this design inspiration will light you up. The Modern Bohemian look is earthy chic. The feel is simple, so it’s time to declutter and start with a clean slate. You’ll have the opportunity to get creative with your accent colors and boho accessories, which warm up the room’s blank canvas.

To get this look:
The foundational color for this vibe is white, which summons the modern, clean aesthetic. Paint the walls white and depending on the room, go for white bedding or white furniture. Add the pops of color with boho patterned pillows or a patterned rug. Add a few accents of gold and hang up a picture of your ultimate vision of paradise to summon sunny vibes all year round.

2. Cool Industrial

Pic 2

Keep it cool this summer with a trendy, yet timeless industrial design. This look is great for a kitchen. With tones of grey and white, you can add color to this look with fresh flowers or fruit on the counter. This theme will channel swanky city vibes into your suburban lifestyle. It’ll beckon you to get social and host luxe wine nights right at home.

To get this look:
The most essential part of this look is the sleek, deep grey subway tiling. Contrast the tile with crisp white counters and cupboards to add more drama to the aesthetic. Exposed lighting with minimalist, wire-legged furniture will complete the look.

3. Sunny & Simple

Pic 3

Accenting with yellow will boost any room’s vibe to feel open, happy and welcoming. With browns and greys as the undertone colors, get this look by sprinkling in bright yellows and soft greens. Great for the living room, this vibe feels as content as a chill summer morning reading a good book.

To get this look:
Paint the walls a light grey with white moldings and furnish the room with wood end tables and a big, comfy grey couch. Add the yellow and green in with throw pillows and a patterned (but not too busy) rug. Place candles and vases with daisies, sunflowers or tulips around the room for a finishing, lively touch.

It’s the perfect time to take on your new update so you can still enjoy it throughout the summer season. When in doubt, jump on Pinterest for more inspiration and don’t be afraid to get creative and make your own themes!

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  1. I just love the kitchen and living room. Grey and white were the color I had thought about but this picture confirms it even more.

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