Now that we’ve sprung ahead our clocks, you’ll want to make the most of that extra hour of sunlight! We’ve gathered five easy tweaks that can help make your space look brighter with natural light. 

1. Optimize Your Use of Mirrors.

Mirrors can help make rooms appear bigger and more spacious. Strategically place a mirror across from a window or doorwall. The mirror will reflect the light throughout the room making it look brighter. Using a large wall mirror will amplify the effect. 

2. Use light, neutral-colored furniture. 

Replacing dark furniture with neutral-colored furniture is an easy way to help sunlight bounce throughout the room, especially if it’s a small one that doesn’t get much light. If you aren’t wanting to replace bigger furniture items, try out a glass or transparent coffee table. It will really open up the room. You can find one at Home Depot for less than $200.

3. Get a neutral or pastel rug. 

A white, ivory, yellow, grey or warmer peach area rug will open up the room, especially if you have darker wood floors or carpet. This will not only add softness and texture to the room, but it will also help natural light flow throughout the space.

4. Don’t crowd your walls with too many pictures.

We love a good gallery wall, but they aren’t recommended for rooms that need a little extra light. Use minimal art or pictures on the walls, so that natural light can bounce off of the walls more easily. When choosing your art pieces, go with more lightly-toned wall art that will give the room an airy feel.

5. Deep clean your windows!

This step doesn’t require any spending, just a little elbow grease! Especially after winter, our windows can get quite dirty. This will limit the amount of light that actually comes through our windows. Get out your rag, bucket and glass cleaner. Give all of your windows a deep cleaning on the inside and the outside.

Trying out these steps will not only brighten your room, but also will brighten your mood! Natural sunlight increases the release of serotonin in your brain, which is known as the “happy hormone.” Serotonin can also help you feel more focused and calm, so these are great steps to implement in your home office, too. Give them a try!

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