If you’re considering a kitchen renovation this summer, you’ll want to know about these new, stylized kitchen trends. As much as white and airy kitchens are gorgeous, there are some new looks on the block… and may we add that they are bold and beautiful. 

The most interesting touch to these trends is that they are all about individual taste. Whereas the trendiest kitchens over the past decade were essentially blank canvases, the kitchens of the 20s are loaded with pops of personality. 

We’ve gathered six styles that will make your new kitchen dazzle and impress for years to come.

photo credit Anne Sage

Dark Cabinets.

A total 180 from white cabinets, dark cabinets offer a daring, yet stunning aesthetic. Whether the color is midnight black, charcoal grey or a deep green, the dark cabinets add a rich touch against neutral wood or quartz countertops. 

photo credit Cathy Hong Interiors

Or… Two-Toned Cabinets.

If you’re not ready for such a drastic shift away from the lighter, brighter kitchen, you can try out the two-toned cabinet trend. If you have an island, you can make those cabinets the crisp white we all have grown to love. Make your surrounding cabinets a gorgeous grey to add character and dimension to your kitchen.

photo credit Matti Gresham

Monotone Hardware.

Before we move away from cabinet trends, let’s talk about hardware. The newest trend is a monotone look, where the hardware is the same color as your cabinet. Especially against a dark cabinet color, this trend is simple and sleek.

photo credit D Burns Interiors

Pass on the Stainless.

Before you object too quickly, remember that all good things must come to an end… even stainless steel appliances. The good news is, the new appliance trend is just as elegant as stainless steel. Many people are opting for their appliances to match their cabinets. The retro look is also on the rise, like the popular Smeg refrigerator.

photo credit Matti Gresham

Open Shelves.

Open shelves have been around for a few years now and if you haven’t tried out this trend yet, now’s the time. Open shelves create the opportunity for functional style. Your kitchen will feel more open and roomy, while you get to display your favorite art, vases and dishes.

photo credit The Inspired Room

Dutch Doors.

Another retro comeback that’s making an appearance in 2021 is the dutch door. Dutch doors date back to the 17th century and instantly add charm to your space. You can let in fresh air while not worrying about your kids or pets making a great escape. Another perk? You can sign for packages or collect DoorDash orders without having to awkwardly hold the door open while wrestling back your pup at the same time.

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