The recent events involving COVID-19 have been trying and challenging, but it is also inspiring to see communities practicing thoughtful acts to help one another out. We’ve gathered a few gestures you can consider if you feel called to safely support those around you.

Check out ways you can financially contribute to food banks in your area.

If you are fortunate to have some change to spare during this time, consider looking into donating to food banks in your area. It is suggested at this time that a monetary donation will go farther than an actual food donation. Visit Feeding America’s site to find a food bank near you that could use donations of food, toiletries or money, and possibly volunteers. Or visit the national 211 hotline page, or the 211 service operated by the United Way in your area (such as this one for southeastern Michigan) to find out how to give or volunteer to aid organizations.

Show love and support to our frontline health care workers.

The local business “Nurses Inspire Nurses” is leading an initiative to share gratitude and love to our nurses. The business is collecting virtual and printed notes to place in care packages that are being assembled and delivered to nurses in the metro Detroit area. Learn more about this program and how to get involved. 

Offer your specialities to your community through virtual platforms. 

Many neighborhoods have community Facebook groups or a community page on NextDoor. It’s a great time to offer your skills virtually to help support those around you. If you are certified in yoga, meditation or nutrition, put together a 15-minute class. If you are a teacher or work in child development, local parents could also use your support and knowledge. 

But also get creative! If you love cooking, offer recipes or a Live cooking show. If you’re an artist, share your work. If you’re a dog trainer, host a virtual lesson. This is a time we can all offer our talents for some much needed mental and emotional wellness.

Support the senior community.

If you have any elderly neighbors, give them a call to see if they need any groceries. Drop the groceries off on their porch for them to retrieve and sanitize. Many senior communities cannot host visitors at this time, but many are accepting notes of encouragement. Find the addresses of some senior communities in your area and write notes to keep the senior community company. Drop your notes in the mail. You might even get a pen pal out of the gesture!

As much stress as the challenges bring, we can all come together as a community (at a safe distance, of course)! 

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