Nothing says “Fall” quite like decorating your porch with some bright yellow mums, corn stalks and a few pumpkins. But then there’s always the tough decision, go spooky or be harvesty? We’ve brewed up a few solutions that allow you to have the best of both worlds! So grab your favorite fall-flavored latte and let’s get started! 

1. Try painting a Buffalo Check pumpkin.

Create a fall farmhouse look by painting your pumpkins with a Buffalo Check pattern. Throughout the fall season, your porch will look cozy and rustic when accented with these checkered pumpkins. These pumpkins can easily switch over to a Dorothy vibe come Halloween. Just add a scarecrow and some wicked witch legs for a fun Wizard of Oz spook-over. To learn how to paint a Buffalo Check pumpkin, visit this tutorial.

2. Make a super-sized pumpkin out of two wire baskets.

(photo credit Adam Albright) 

Fill two large wire baskets (similar to this one) with gourds, mini-pumpkins, squash and other fall harvest fruits. Put a thin board or piece of cardboard over one of the baskets and then flip the second basket on top of the other. Slide the board out and bind the baskets together with wire. Find a thick tree branch to slide into the basket top to act as a pumpkin stem. On the days approaching Halloween, add a felt face onto the baskets and then remove the jack-o-lantern face for the remainder of the season.

3. Switch up your greeting.

(photo credit Michael Pertenio) 

If you don’t have a ton of time to spend on painting Buffalo Checkered pumpkins or making super-sized basket pumpkins, this is the solution for you! Purchase two large pumpkins to display on your porch. Also make sure you have black paint or a black sharpie. 

Using a pencil, write in fun lettering “Happy” on one pumpkin and then “Fall” on another pumpkin. Turn the “Fall” pumpkin around by 180 degrees and then in the same lettering write “Halloween.” Get out some black paint and your paint brush (or a black sharpie will do!) and trace over your lettering. Let your pumpkins dry. As Halloween inches closer, give your “Fall” pumpkin a turn to showcase your new message. When October 31st passes, give your pumpkin another turn to once again wish your porch visitors a “Happy Fall.”

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