Since it’s so stark and cold outside, you may enjoy adding more life and warmth to your space inside. “Jungle rooms” or “indoor gardens” are currently trending. Yes, Plant Lady just may be the new Cat Lady in 2020. 

We’ve put together a few steps that will help you start your own indoor garden.


1. Pick a room or area.

First, you have to decide where you’d like to place your new plants. We recommend a room that gets great sunlight and already feels welcoming and airy. Make sure you have open shelving or space on your windowsill to start your indoor garden.


2. Start with low maintenance plants.

If you are new to caring for plants, you may want to start with options that are easier to care for. Get a few succulents and cacti to begin your indoor garden. Try getting just one houseplant that requires your attention and start there. Not everyone has a green thumb, so test out your plant powers first before accidentally destroying an entire jungle room!


3. Add dimension by placing your plants creatively.

Once you get more confident in your plant-parenting skills, add a few more to your collection. Get creative with these additions by adding a hanging plant from the ceiling or a curtain rod. Get plants that are different sizes and shapes to make your garden unique and interesting to look at. Just make sure that you are placing the plants in areas that cater to their health and growth.


4. Add accessories.

Add accessories according to the vibe you want to create in the room. If you want a more whimsical/enchanted vibe, add twinkle lights. If you want a more bohemian vibe, add neutral clay pottery and a macrame wall tapestry. If you want a more elegant feel, go for golden vases, trinkets and picture frames. It’s your indoor garden, so get creative and make it a space that’s not only full of life, but brings you life, too!

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