You may have been able to get away with unsightly cords and cable boxes in the 90s, when the whole internet thing was still rather new. But it’s 2020! Minimal, clean environments are on trend. Here’s how to make modems and other techy gadgets look like they’re not even there.

Modems, Routers + Cable Boxes


Hide it in a “book.

Pick one of the large books on your bookshelf that you don’t mind repurposing. Remove the bound pages from the hardcover and then tuck the modem inside. You can also use a book jacket if it fits nicely around the modem/router. 


Put a decorative box around it. 

Go to your local craft store and find a decorative box that matches your room. Make sure it has a lid. Cut a square hole in the back of the box so you can place the modem/router in the box and then run the cords through the hole (otherwise the lid will not sit properly on the box!). 


Stack it in between books. 

Grab a stack of your favorite books. Try to find some bigger ones for the base of your stack. If you have one, also use a book that’s black or a darker shade. This will help the modem match and blend into the stack better. Place your modem somewhere in the middle of the stack and you’re done!

Cords and More Cords


Place them in a basket. 

Gather the cords so they all meet in the same area. Use a basket that matches your space to place the cords in. The basket definitely beats a messy, tangled up power strip!


Get a decorative garden stool. 

Guide all of your cords into the same area. If possible, use tape to hold them together, so just a single bunch is feeding into the garden stool. The nice part about this idea is that you can place items on top of the garden stool to make it functional, too!


Tape them to a desk leg. 

For a single cord, tape it to follow the edges of your desk and run it down the desk leg. This will prevent the “floating” cord look and help your area look more tidy.

The TV

Lastly, the TV! It is so common for a TV to be the main focal point in the room, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t blend in with the decor (especially when it’s off!). 


Make a gallery wall around it. 

You can build a gallery wall to frame your TV, so it looks more “in place” within the room.


Ground it. 

Make sure your TV is grounded (you don’t want it randomly floating like you see in a sports bar!). Place a dresser underneath it or put it above your fireplace to “ground” the TV even if it’s on a wall mount. Add a few artfully placed objects around the TV to finish the look.  

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