Fall is a time of colorful leaves, warm lattes and cozy movie nights, but it’s also a time of change. There’s no better time than this season to make a positive transformation and let go of some bad habits that are keeping you from your best home environment, life and self. 

Here are a few easy ways you can save more money, get more time and find more peace this autumn.

Transform Your Overspending Habits

Feeling to Evoke: Gratitude

Home Adjustment: Gratitude List Somewhere Convenient

While it’s extra convenient for the holidays, online shopping has made splurging on extra stuff much easier. While shopping can trigger the reward centers in your brain, it can also bust your budget. Rather than letting that Instagram ad tempt you into an organic pumpkin spice candle you truly don’t need, channel the feeling of gratitude. Look around your home at all of the blessings that already surround you. 

To take it a step further by finding an old notepad in the junk drawer and dedicate it as your new gratitude list. Place this list somewhere convenient in your house where you frequent often, so you feel motivated to add to it throughout the day. Whether it’s on your kitchen counter, office desk or nightstand, be sure to add to this list just as often (if not more) than your shopping list!

Slow Your Scroll Habits

Feeling to Evoke: Presence

Home Adjustment: Make a Home for Your Phone

Did you know that people swipe, click or tap their smartphone an average 2,617 times a day?! That makes almost one million touches a year! If you look around outside right now, you may spot a squirrel searching for and storing up nuts. As humans, we have the same tendency to do that with information. Though, in the process, we can acquire some pretty time-consuming and energy-draining habits.

Within your home, make a home for your phone. Yep, give it a place to live when you need to be present, productive or are trying to reduce screen time. The phone home should not be in your bedroom, workspace or relaxation area. Give yourself two weeks to make the adjustment – by then you will be feeling so calm and clear, you won’t miss the endless scrolls at all!

Fall Into More Peace

Feeling to Evoke: Surrender

Home Adjustment: Ambient Lighting

The past almost two years have done a number on our nervous systems. If overthinking has become a baseline brain default for you, you’re not alone. Though, we can all agree… overthinking often does not get us anywhere helpful. If you catch yourself in a worry loop, remind yourself that many things in life cannot be controlled. Surrender the negative thoughts and replace them with a happy memory or an upcoming event that excites you.

Your nervous system responds to your environment much more than you realize. As you are unwinding in the evening, turn off any ceiling lights and switch on lamps. Your body will receive an immediate signal that it’s time to start relaxing. Pop on a pair of blue light blocker glasses as you complete your evening routines to allow your brain to begin production of melatonin. 

We hope these three easy environment adjustments will bring you more prosperity, balance and enjoyment throughout this fall season!

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