With tradition comes fond memories, stronger bonds and happier homes. When you reflect on the loving parts of your childhood, the traditions are likely what come to mind. The best part about traditions is you can start them any time you’d like and keep them going for as long as you and your family want! The fall season is the perfect time to add some new traditions into your household that you will look forward to year after year.

We’ve gathered a few ideas to give you a start on your tradition creation!

Resurrect an Old Family Recipe.

Whether it’s your Grandma’s classic pumpkin pie or your Dad’s doctored up stuffing, pick a family recipe to be a staple at the dinner table. You don’t have to wait for turkey day, either! Pick a Friday night or weekend day to make the family favorite and pass on the delicious dish for generations to come.

Make personalized table settings.

Design a table setting and personalize it for each person in your family. Make sure to buy plenty of extra materials as your family will grow over the years. Use the same settings each year, so a connection can be created and cherished with your special dining room setup.

Start a Gratitude Jar on November 1st.

Dust off an unused mason jar from the pantry and add some cute fall foliage to the top. Cut a few pieces of paper into smaller squares. Have each person in your household write something they are thankful for on the paper and place it into the jar every day until Thanksgiving. While enjoying your Thanksgiving dessert, pass the jar around and read the papers out loud together.

Pick a Movie to Watch Together Every Year.

Whether you choose a cozy classic like Good Will Hunting or a full investment like the Harry Potter series, pick a movie to rewatch every year together while piled up on the couch. Other feel good fall movie options are Dead Poets Society, Lord of the Rings, Remember the Titans, E.T., When Harry Met Sally or The Blind Side. It’s your choice, but make sure everyone is involved in the selection, so you’ll make a tradition that will last.

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