A new year is a perfect time to get inspired to update your home’s look. Smarter home solutions, houseplants and vintage furniture are on the rise for 2022’s newest design trends. Below are some fun trends worth trying and tips on how to snag that perfect piece.

Vintage Look

Unique, one-of-a-kind pieces is a new trend in design. Often described as the “grandmillennial” look or being “thrifty,” the repurposing of vintage pieces was on the rise in 2021. While some leave the finds as they are, others refinish their pieces with more modern twists. With the growing concern many have about the environmental impact of “fast fashion furniture,” this new trend to shop vintage is much more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Pro tip: Consumers want to shy away from big-box stores and instead are shopping for handmade pieces to find these vintage looks. Check your local thrift stores and look on websites like Facebook Marketplace and Etsy.


While the adoption of houseplants was a hit of 2021, many believe that this trend will continue into 2022. Seven in 10 millennials reported they consider themselves a “plant parent,” according to Deseret News, and there was an 18 percent increase in houseplant demand in the past year. With the uptick of working at home, owning a small jungle of houseplants helps bring the outside in. 

Pro tip: Some of the most hearty houseplants are the most popular. Check out your local plant nurseries for plants like the Spider Plant, Alocasia or any pothos plants. These plants are easy to find and require little maintenance.

Smarter Home Solutions

Gone are the days of Tupperware tumbling behind cabinet doors. Easy home solutions are becoming a trend. Technological advances like Amazon Echos and Roku TVs are becoming commonplace and DIY solutions are always at the top of the trending tags on every social media platform. From smarter kitchen solutions to Bluetooth-connected fridges, 2022 indicates that this trend won’t go anywhere any time soon. 

Pro tip: Talk to your real estate agent to see if your future home has these smarter home solutions or if you want to find a home that is more technological.

Nature, Nature, Nature

With more time spent indoors, we are all seeking the comfort of nature. In 2022, it is projected that we will see a resurgence of natural aesthetics. From stoneware and marble to mushroom motifs and forest tapestries, the imperfect nature of these pieces mimic the outdoors- something that many of us miss in our daily lives. Browns, beiges and other warm, neutral colors are coming back in style in home decor, as well as clothing.

Pro tip: Many of our Michigan towns have local businesses specializing in home decor or shop from the comfort of your home on sites such as Wayfair and West Elm. 

Shopping Local

Gone are the days of high-brow art collecting and recreation of infamous pieces of the Renaissance’s past. Small artists and local businesses are taking the spotlight. Fresh faces are wanted in the art scene and 2022 is determined to put them in the spotlight. Your collections can be fully customized to your tastes, reflecting the diversity of our world and all the different artists in it. In 2022, prints will be tacked on accent walls as you curate your own mini art museum. 

Pro tip: These prints can be purchased everywhere! Check out social media tags to see if your favorite artists are selling prints. Don’t see your vision? Commission an artist to create you a one-of-a-kind piece!

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