Whether we like it or not, us Michiganders have to accept that life will mainly be taking place indoors during the winter. (Unless you’re hitting the slopes at Boyne or Pine Knob). Since you’ll be spending so much time in your home, you may as well keep it clean and comfy. Here are five habits you can try out that each take under three minutes to do!

Want a clean, comfy and cozy home in under 15 minutes? You can change the vibe of your home by simply taking a little time each day to integrate these piece-of-cake practices.

1. Make your bed every morning.

Not to sound like your mom, but making your bed really does have an effect on your room and on YOU. In fact, the National Sleep Foundation shares research that found making your bed can even help you get better rest at night. Have more fun while making your bed by listing off what you’re grateful for. This will help you begin each day on a positive note.

2. Purge the fridge daily.

Nobody likes trying to jam the milk into an already-full fridge. Commit to the practice of pitching any expired products and slimy produce. As items begin to empty, move them into a smaller container to make more room in the fridge. It takes seconds to move any old items from the fridge to the trash/recycle bin. You’ll be surprised how an organized fridge can create an instant good mood after a long day.

3. Organize the mail.

A week’s worth of snail mail can pile up and create a mountain of unwanted stress. To tackle this daily duty, divide your mail into four piles: Junk, Bills, Coupons and Fun. Take the junk pile and recycle it immediately. Place your bills in your office, so they’re organized and findable. Move your coupons to your purse or in the car where you’ll have them on-the-go and won’t forget them. And lastly, the fun pile! Place any cards on the mantle or fridge. Do this every evening so your counter doesn’t get cluttered up!

4. Lysol common surface areas.

Armor up with a bottle of Lysol wipes and set the timer on your phone for 3 minutes. Do a three minute “surface cleaning sprint” around the house. Wipe down kitchen counters, the kitchen table, remotes, hand railings, door knobs, etc. You’ll be surprised how many places you can cover in just a few minutes. This will also help yucky viruses and bacteria from spreading during flu season.

5. Keep boots and shoes in the mud room.

Even if it’s not wet or snowy out, our winter shoes can still track salt and bacteria. Containing winter shoes in your mud/laundry room not only keeps the slush at bay, but it also prevents harmful bacteria from being tracked throughout the house. Buy a couple of boot trays. Stash one in the laundry room and one near the front door to encourage your family and guests to lose their boots at the door!

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