From gift wrapping to baking the perfect holiday meal, it’s easy for the holidays to creep up on you unexpectedly. However, fear not! We have gathered for you some perfect last-minute gifts for the DIYer in your life.

1. Tool Belt
A tool belt is a staple for all DIYers. Instead of rummaging and trying to find the tool you need, you can find it on your handy dandy tool belt. This is a great, easy gift to get. Sold nearly everywhere you can get your tools, you can find the exact one that fits your DIYer’s needs. We recommend Lowes, Home Depot or Amazon. 

2. Contour Gauge: 

Your DIYer will have no problem measuring edges with this handy tool. Rather than measuring with measuring tape and guessing to get the corners to match up, copy any shape quickly and easily with this contour gauge.
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3. 12-in-1 Hammer Multi Tool:
You’ll never need another multi-tool again! Not only is it a hammer, it is also a nail claw, a pair of pliers, wire cutter, knife, saw, bottle opener, and more! Along with its durable nylon carrying case with belt holster, it’s the perfect gift for your DIYer who seems to have it all.
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4. WorkTunes Headphones:
You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your hearing protection or your good tunes. Thankfully, with these headphones, you can have both. With the WorkTunes headphones, you can protect your hearing and listen to that podcast you’ve been meaning to listen to. Plus, with Bluetooth compatibility and an integrated microphone, your DIYer is all set to listen to their music safely.
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5. Stylish Safety Goggles Like hearing protection, it’s important to also protect your eyes. A stylish way to protect your vision, these safety goggles are equipped with a side shield design to protect your eyes from dust, dirt and debris. Along with anti-fog properties and a blue light shield, these goggles are amazing for any DIYer.
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