It’s officially the season of giving and gathering. To inspire you to fully fall into the best gratitude attitude this autumn, we created the Give & Gather Challenge. This challenge is built to encourage you to get out into your community, connect with your favorite people and give back to causes that matter most to you. 

Are you ready to Give & Gather more than you ever have before? Let’s begin!

Since Thanksgiving falls on November 25th this year, we have curated 25 Give & Gather tasks. You can begin on November 1st and complete the challenge on Thanksgiving or start and end on your own timeframe. You don’t have to go in order! 

Download our Give & Gather Challenge sheet to keep track and cross off the tasks as you go. 

  1. Go to a Local Restaurant You’ve Been Wanting to Try.
  1. Bake Two Pumpkin Pies, Give One to Your Neighbor. 
  1. Host a Brunch with Your Closest Friends.
  1. Give One Compliment to a Stranger. 
  1. Donate to a Thanksgiving Food/Can Drive.
  1. Send a Thank You Note to Someone You’re Grateful For.
  1. Give Your Favorite Local Business a Shout Out on Social Media After a Visit.
  1. Host a Cozy Movie Night with Friends and/or Family.
  1. Look Up a Local Charity Event and Attend with a Friend.
  1. Get Together With Someone You Haven’t Seen in a While.
  2. Write a Letter to a Military Service Member through
  1. Surprise a Co-Worker with a Coffee.
  1. Gather Up Extra Clothes/Jackets and Donate Them.
  1. Spend Extra Snuggle/Play Time with Your Pet.
  1. Offer to Rake the Leaves for an Older Neighbor.
  2. Send an Encouraging Text to a Loved One About a Goal They Have.
  1. Give Yourself a Slow Afternoon to Unwind and Destress.
  2. Chat About What Inspires You with Someone Who Inspires You.
  1. Leave an Extra Nice Tip When Picking Up Your Next Takeout Meal.
  2. Gather Unused Toiletries/Toothbrushes/Hygiene Products and Donate to Your Local Homeless Shelter.
  1. Treat a Family Member of Your Choice on a Special Dinner Date.
  1. Donate a Gift of Money to Your Favorite Charity.
  1. Send a Door Dash Treat to a Friend Who Needs a Pick-Me-Up.
  1. Spend an Afternoon Cleaning Up Your Favorite Walking/Running Trail. 
  1. Write a List of Everything You’re Grateful for Right Now.\(Add a Cup of Warm Cider by the Fire for Extra Fall Vibes)
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