Your home’s curb appeal may be spot on with autumn decorations and pumpkins, but is it safe? During the holidays, our doorbell is ringing way more frequently with visitors and packages arriving. It can be really helpful to know who and what is showing up at your door.

The SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell features 1080p live stream monitoring of your curb. It integrates with Amazon Echo so you can activate it as soon as you hear activity at your door. The SkyBell itself will also send you a push alert on your smartphone as soon as it’s triggered.
According to package theft statistics, each year more than 23 million Americans have their packages stolen. It’s even more likely to happen during the holiday season when package thieves know a lot of gifts are being purchased online. Your SkyBell can record the thief committing the crime or hopefully deter them in the first place.
The SkyBell can be a great investment if you plan to do most of your holiday shopping online this year.

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